Vitcas Heatproof Screed is a cement-like material which provides a protective rendering for vulnerable materials which can be damaged by exposure to heat. With maximum service temp. of 1400°C, it is more than adequate for any domestic fireplace and many other applications. Vitcas Heat proof Screed is fully blended cement with a maximum grain size of 5mm and is only to be mixed with water to a trowelling consistency.

DIRECTIONS: New brickwork and surface: Allow the backing material to dry fully before Vitcas Heat Proof Screed is applied. Older surface: In order to provide maximum keying for Vitcas Heat proof Screed, rake out any mortar joints to a depth of about 12.5mm (1/2”) and roughen the brick or stonework with a sharp tool, where necessary. Brush away any loose material. For all applications, use clean tools and mix Vitcas HeatProof Screed with cold tab water, stirring to a stiff trowelling consistency. Dampen the surface slightly and apply with a trowel or float, working from the base upwards to give maximum support.

FINISHING: The rendered surface should be allowed to cure for 24 hours preferably keeping the screed cool and wet, covering with polythene or wet rags after approximately 6 hours. The screed should then be allowed to dry out naturally for 48 hours before any heat is applied.

COVERAGE: 20kg tub will cover approximately 0.45m2 (4.8 ft2) at a thickness of 25mm (1”) with a bulk density of 1840kg/m3 (115lb/ft3).

SIZES: 10,20 KG